Assembly schemes

Cut-in closet door assembly diagram

Installation upper guide profile

First you need to install the upper guide profile. Pay attention to the absence of a gap between the guide profile and the side wall of the wardrobe (Fig. 1), this means that the length of the guide profile is equal to the width of the opening of the wardrobe. There are no difficulties in installing the guide profile – we simply insert the guide profile into the opening of the wardrobe at the same level as the side walls and screw it to the upper panel of the cabinet. It is better to drill holes for self-tapping screws in advance.

 Installation lower guide profile</ p>

The lower guide, cut to size, should be moved a little to the middle of the cabinet by a distance of 15-16 mm. from the edge of the chipboard plate. The lower profile is attached already after the door is installed.

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Installation of wardrobe doors

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1)   Fasten the upper guide with self-tapping screws, and place the lower one under the upper one without attaching it;

2)   Lower the top of the door into the upper guide, then tighten the lower rollers and lower the bottom of the door;

3)   Release the lower rollers. Check that the lower rollers fit into the groove of the guide profile;

4)   Mount other doors in the same way. If necessary, move the lower guide profile so that the door is in a vertical position. Use a hex key to adjust the lower rollers for smooth running.

Scheme of assembling the doors to the wardrobe

Scheme of assembling doors from the Slim-line profile

Scheme of assembly of tensioner

Lock assembly scheme

Assembly diagram of opening systems of compartment wardrobes

Assembly diagram of a folding system for a compartment wardrobe

Suspension system assembly diagram

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