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The most important element in the design of any furniture, which makes up its appearance, is the facade. We pay attention to it when we choose furniture for our home. Today, facades can be anything you want, not only in terms of color and material, but also in terms of shape, functionality, and design. This structural element affects the cost of the product, as it can be made of expensive materials: natural wood of valuable species, for example.

Facades made of MDF boards from DiPortes can be considered the most popular today.

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MDF slabs are a material that is eco-friendly and non-toxic, thanks to which furniture made of it can be installed in children's rooms. MDF is a relatively modern material, which is produced using a special technology: the method of pressing finely dispersed wood fraction under high temperature and pressure. During this process, a natural connecting compound - lignin - is released, which glues the above-mentioned fractions together, forming a single canvas. In the future, the plate can be bent and processed in any way. MDF is characterized as a pliable and easily processed tile material, affordable and completely safe for the human body.

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