We decided to write the history of the company's development in order to clearly demonstrate our movement towards the goal that formed the basis of the activities of the ADS company. This story was created for current and future members of the large ADS team, as well as our partners and clients. We are deeply grateful to all those who took an active part in creating our history. We invite all those who are close in spirit to our goals and who are ready to create history with us! We are building a company – which serves many! Read more...

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The modern history of the company dates back to October 2010. We decided to apply our five years of experience in a company in a similar line of activity to creating our own business. At that time, we had already developed our own line of unique profiles and placed an order in China at the then most modern plant in the world for the production of interior aluminum profiles, XINHE Aluminum, and were already looking forward to the arrival of the first profile container to Ukraine.

At that time, the furniture market in Ukraine was set up in such a way that furniture manufacturers had to buy profiles, fittings and filling for the production of sliding wardrobes in different places, with their subsequent independent transportation, storage, processing, generation of technical equipment. waste and finally assembly, turning into a finished product. All these operations took a lot of time and effort, and also created a lot of costs associated with these processes, which directly affected the quality and cost of the finished products. Many years of experience working with furniture makers and an understanding of the problems that our clients face every day when working with their suppliers served as the driving force in creating the business concept of the ADS company, the implementation of which allowed the furniture maker to order already completed, assembled and high-quality packaged items, ready for installation of doors for sliding wardrobes in our offices and significantly save your time and money. We have taken upon ourselves all the pain and inconvenience that our clients have experienced for years. This service innovation was to the taste of our customers, distinguishing us favorably from competitors at that time and allowing us to develop quickly.

We have chosen a development strategy by opening our own branded “ADS” salons (showrooms) throughout Ukraine.

2010 – Start of activity of the ADS company in the market of furniture fittings and components for furniture in Ukraine. At that time, we had one showroom in Lviv of 100 sq.m and a production area of 500 sq.m with a staff of 20 people and another showroom in Kharkov of 90 sq.m. m. and production 400 sq. m and the staff did not exceed 15 people.

2014 – Construction of our own production center in Lviv, 1000 sq.m., as well as the opening of a showroom in Ivano-Frankivsk.

2015 – Opening of the first showroom and production center in the capital of our homeland, Kyiv.

2016 – This year can rightfully be called the beginning of the rapid development of the ADS company.

Our company acquires and opens its own production center of 2000 sq.m. in Kharkov. In the same year, we open showrooms in Ternopil, Dnipro, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Khmelnitsky, Uzhgorod, Rivne, Stry, as well as the 2nd showroom in Lviv in the Gora shopping center.

We purchased new equipment for a full cycle of glass processing for all 3 of our production centers at that time, which allowed us to get rid of the constant dependence on outsourcers and, as a result, reduce production time and significantly improve the quality of the product we produce.

2017 – Opening of a showroom in Poltava, Lutsk, Cherkassy, Chernigov and Bila Tserkva.

2018 - Opening of the first showroom and production center in Odessa. Opening of a showroom in Kremenchug and Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Kherson, and also opened the 3rd showroom in Lviv.

Also, 2018 was also a year of serious testing for our business – this is the loss of almost all assets in Kyiv and the construction of a branch anew from scratch in turbo mode in the shortest possible time. Everything had to be done very quickly, starting with hiring new people for the team, organizing new locations, purchasing new equipment, purchasing a new fleet, etc. We managed to organize the work of the branch within 1 month and not let our clients down. We knew for sure that we didn’t have time, literally at all, but we managed to assemble a team of like-minded people who believed in success and were ready to work hard under unprecedented time pressure for a common goal. Thanks to the trust of our customers, the strength of our brand, our extensive structure, coherence, and cohesion of the team - called upon from other divisions of the company to lend a helping hand in an emergency situation.

2019 – It was a year of big changes in the company. We started the year with a complete rebranding. Our corporate identity has changed – because we have changed!

I would especially like to highlight in 2019 the appearance in our large “ADS” family of a new own brand of wardrobe systems - Combina. Opening of showrooms in Chernivtsi, Kropyvnytskyi, and Kovel.

2020 – Opening of a showroom in Krivoy Rog, Mukachevo and the 4th showroom in Lviv. Launch of sales in all branches of the company of acrylic facades for kitchens.

2021 – Opening of a showroom in Summy.

Today, "ADS" – is an innovative company that is not only the leader in the sliding systems market in Ukraine, but also keeps up with the times and meets the highest level of modern quality and trends.

At the same time, we remain faithful to tradition

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