Про УФ-печать #2

About UV printing

Company "ADS" offers UV printing service on various surfaces. UV ink is safe for human health. The pattern that is applied to the surface is resistant to any household chemicals, and does not fade or crack. 

Equipment:  Mimaki JFX500-2131 -  this is the most modern large-format UV printer that has broken all records among flatbed printers. 

Its operating speed is up to  60 sq.m./h. provides maximum quality, even 2-point text.

Maximum area  210x310 cm. 

Performance on various materials is possible

  • UV seal on Ceramic tiles
  • UV seal on glass
  • UV seal on Plastic
  • UV printing on chipboard and MDF

Catalogs of photo printing

PHOTOPRINT on the door

PHOTOPRINT on aprons

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