Description of systems

Sliding system

The mobile system "ADS" – it is a high-quality system of sliding, opening, folding doors and interior partitions. Today, aluminum profiles and hardware parts of "ADS" are produced using the most modern technologies and are among the most reliable on the Ukrainian market. The aluminum profile is produced on automated technological lines, using the extrusion method from the primary aluminum alloy of the AD 31 brand. Applying a decorative and protective coating – anodizing is carried out by a special electrostatic method, which ensures environmental safety, aesthetic appeal and excellent operational qualities of our products. Covering profiles with "wooden" decor is obtained using the method of wrapping with a polymer film "Decoral" (a special multi-level technology that includes trawling, polymerization and passivation of metal, as well as the method of external lamination with decorative "wood-like" matte PVC films.




Configuration of sliding systems «ADS» for wardrobes

Metal capacity and the presence of stiffeners of the "ADS" profiles. allows you to produce doors up to 1500 mm in width and 3800 mm in height, and even higher. With the maximum allowed weight of the door – 150 kg.

Roller mechanisms are made of durable wear-resistant materials. The upper two-wheel rollers are made of high-strength plastic on a metal platform. The lower rollers are based on a metal bearing in a galvanized steel case with a spring made of high-strength steel, it does not require lubrication and ensures silent sliding and smooth movement of the door. Our videos for today – the best on the Ukrainian market. The maximum recommended load for one roller is 75 kg. According to the testing data of the manufacturing plant, the mechanisms are calculated  for 100,000 door opening-closing cycles, which is 25 years of use.

Vertical door profiles perform the function of "handles" for closing-opening. Their design provides a special groove for the bumper brush (without the use of glue), which is like a shock absorber, and also blocks the ingress of dust into the cabinet. This innovation allows our customers to completely eliminate the possibility of the brush lagging (de-sticking), and as a result of complaints from the customer. Also in the "ADS" system the installation of a door closer of the original design is provided, which allows to make the operation of the door even more comfortable. The rigid design of the "ADS" profile; allows you to make combined doors, using a connecting profile, with a variety of filling both vertical and horizontal, and even with bent various radii of the lintel – which opens unlimited design possibilities.


Sliding mansard system

A wardrobe-compartment for the Attic differs from a traditional wardrobe in that its manufacture is possible only according to an individual, often exclusive project!

Despite the difficulties of designing and manufacturing wardrobes in the attic, associated with the presence of bevels and protrusions, supporting and supporting beams, unconventional arrangement of skylights, variable height and direction of the ceiling, built-in wardrobes are placed without restrictions in all mowed areas of the space of the attic room, retaining all their advantages. At the same time, the features of the premises listed above do not affect the functionality and aesthetics of attic cabinets, but only affect their internal volume. A wardrobe can be built into almost any shape of a sloped ceiling in the attic. And repeat its outline with compartment doors.
Sliding mansard system "ADS" is interesting in the interior regarding the design and functionality of the compartment wardrobe. It provides great ease of visual perception. Cabinets based on it look very modern and elegant. 

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